IPMA four-level certification system (IPMA 4-L-C)

The certification by the part of independent examiners is performed by a certification body CAPM-CERT, the authorised organization for project managers’ certification within Croatian Association for Project Management(HUUP-IPMA).

What are the benefits of certification?

  • test and improvement of own skills
  • internationally verified certificate confirming expertise and competency
  • neutral and independent recognition of project management qualifications
  • earning recognozed titles
  • possibility to accelerate professional career
  • promotion in organization and secured position
  • personal benefit in career and competiotion on the market
  • best practices in project management
  • greater certainty that a project menegement expert can provide „State-of-the-art“ services
  • better results in project management

Who can ask for verification of qualifications?

  • investment projects
  • development and research projects
  • projects in IT and Telecommunications
  • reorganization and business improvement projects
  • Everyone who has sufficient knowledge and skills in all areas of project management, regardless of experience, and participation in seminar or workshop on Project Management in country or abroad
System follows the international IPMA Universal Four Level Certification System concept and proves that a certain appointed person is capable of performing certain tasks. This is confirmed by a written document (Certificate) issued according to certification rules. The competency certification process is carried out in line with the public document on certification procedure for the following levels of training:

Certified Project Management Associate

  • Experience in managing projects not necessary, but can be an advantage if the candidate has previous experience in project management and if he/she has impeleneted knowledge on project management to a certain degree
  • Has to have knowledge in project management in all elements of expertise
  • Project Management Academy programme seminars are verified as precertification seminars according to IPMA and PMI certification programme for project managers; attendees earn points for professional development according to PMI and HKAIG (Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers)

Certified Project Manager

  • At least three years of experience in project management. Responible for managing projects of limited compelxity
  • Has to be able to run projects of limited compelxity and/or run sub-projects in all elements of project management

Certified Senior Project Manager

  • At least five years of experience in project management of which three years on leading, managing positions of complex projects
  • ablility to independently run complex projects required

Certified Project Director – CPD

  • At least five years of experience in complex projects or programmes, three out of the mentioned five years on positions with leadership functions and responsibility for coordination and programme management for several projects
  • Competency in maging company portfolio or projects programme