T-1: Project management – Back to Basics with optional SimulTrain Workshop

The seminar on basic project management skills follows the basic TenStep methodology (Project definition, Project plan development, Project plan management, Managing issues, Managing scope, Managing risks, Managing documentation, Managing communication, Managing quality, Project metrics).

This seminar is intended for complete beginners in project management field and for experienced practitioners or line managers to which this seminar will serve as recapitulation of the knowledge and experience already acquired and help them link it to the strict and disciplined project management practice.

The trainers will accompany every unit of theory with examples from their rich practical work which will be transferred to attendees’ working environment. Attendees are during the practical part divided into groups where they work on a number of case studies. One part of situations are designed in PM software, which simulates multi-project work (each group works on one project) and multi-user environment (each user has a role in the project and all attendees work on their projects at the same time). In the end the trainer presents results of work on attendees’ projects portfolio from the point of view of the Project Management Office, i.e. a member of management board of an imaginary company.

Attendees earn a personal TenStep licence (meant for personal use) with the basic book of processes and templates in Croatian language.

The seminar is intended for project practitioners. No previous knowledge required.

  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Training type: lectures, group discussions, computer-assisted exercises
  • PMI R.E.P. reference: TenStep PM00.20: project Management Back to Basics, duration 2 days, 14 PDUs
  • IPMA reference: CAPM/HUUP seminars: T-1: Project Management Basics and T-2: Advanced Project Management Techniques

Additional option – SimulTrain* workshop

The simulation is conducted in groups of 3-4 persons on computer with an installed simulation programme. As a means of preparation the group is familiarized with the project of a certain size, its context and availability of own resources for project implementation. Attendees are presented with numerous situations that require decision making based on all project parameters, costs, delays and human factors. It is a multimedia simulation: attendees receive phone-calls, e-mails, voice messages and are immersed into real-life project execution.

*SimulTtrain is a registered trade mark of a Swiss company STS, whose application licences are offered by TenStep on global level..