T-2: Earned Value Management

Most project managers know what the situation of their project is in relation to the initial plan and budget. It mostly comes down to „….we are roughly on schedule…“ or „….we are halfway through…“ and not rarely also „…..we are totally out of plan and initial budget…“It is definitely better to be more precise.
Earned Value Management – EVA is nowadays in global practice the most accepted tool and technique used to show the situation of the project in relation to the initial plan and budget and the trends of the project till its end. The method is based on the experience of American military projects, which have shown that no project managed to improve on its performances achieved at the stage of 20% of project execution by the end of the project. Knowing the situation of the project in its early phase when a relatively small amount of the budget is endangered, but knowing also how much it could cost by the end and also in a later stage, this method shows the full meaning of overall planning of time and resources. The same way the seminar sums up the postulate that attendees deal with in the Project Management – Back to Basics seminar where there is mention of strictness and formalism in project management, which actually are the characteristics of project management.

The experiences of our attendees show that this knowledge can immediately be applied in everyday work by means of templates and examples in spreadsheets used in exercises (assuming the minimum use of procedures covered previously on the seminar).

The seminar is intended for all participants in projects. Required foreknowledge: Project Management – Back to Basics seminar

  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Training type: lectures, group discussions, computer-assisted exercises
  • PMI R.E.P. reference: TenStep PM03.00: Earned Value Management, duration 2 days, 16 PDUs
  • IPMA reference: CAPM/HUUP seminars: T-2: Advanced Project Management Techniques (day 2) and S-1: Project Monitoring and Control (day 1)