S2 – Project Risks Management

Risks consider future circumstances or conditions which arise without project team control and which exert a certain influence on the project in case they occur. In other words, if a current project issue is something the project team has to deal with in real time, risk is a possible future issue which has not yet occurred.

A reactive project manager tries to deal with issues as they arise, while a proactive project manager deals with possible issues before they arise and accordingly increases the probability of project success.


The seminar is intended for project managers, planners and line managers who have a need for project risks assessment. Required foreknowledge: Project Management – Back to Basics seminar.

  • Seminar duration: 16 hours
  • Training type: lectures, group discussions, computer-assisted exercises
  • PMI R.E.P. reference: TenStep PM07.00 A: Project Risk Management, duration 1 day, 8 PDUs
  • IPMA reference: CAPM/HUUP seminar S-2: Risk Assessment in Project Management (1 day)