S1 – Project portfolio management – Organization, running and assessment of projects on company level

Basics of organization management through project portfolio

No company has sufficient resources for realization of all business needs defined in its mission and vision. According to them multi-year business goals are set that are realized through a number of strategic initiatives. These initiatives generate programmes and projects and the overall business (or one part of it) is monitored through portfolios.
Managing project portfolio is a process that ensures that company uses its limited resources for operations that bring most value and that are most in line with business goals and strategies. Attendees are presented with various aspects of portfolio management that need to be understood to their core before the concepts are applied. A 6-level model of portfolio management implementation is demonstrated: definition, basis, selection, prioritizing, authorization and activation.

This methodology is in our practice used to design a multi-year strategic business plan which is developed paralelly to the business plan for the following year. An important or overall part of operations is presented through projects and programmes like investments, maintenance, development, other procurements, utilities bills and alike. It is more effective, but at the same time complementary to the existing practice of making business plans and monitoring their realization according to financial (accounting) categories, which are relatively slow for real situations in which business is run. It guarantees easier budget amendments implementation in the ongoing financial year practically on monthly level on the basis of controlling which comes from tactical and operational plans of all projects.


The seminar is intended for line and project managements. Required foreknowledge: Project Management – Back to Basics and Earned Value Method Management seminars.

  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Training type: lectures, group discussions, computer-assisted exercises
  • PMI R.E.P. reference: TenStep PM03.00: Fundamentals of Portfolio Managements, duration 1 day, 8 PDUs
  • IPMA reference: CAPM/HUUP seminar S-3: Managing project portfolio in companies/organizations (1 day)