Project management

Solution for achieving strategic goals with an effective budget execution

We offer technology solutions for strategic and long-term investment planning and implementation of strategies and development programmes, that not only facilitate the access to funds of international financiers but they also make the private sector see its own interests in cooperation with the units of public and local authorities much clearer.

Our clients in units of public and local authorities acquire operational knowledge through introduction of PrimaPI project management methodology. The process requires:

  • Selection of projects/procurements where PrimaPI methodology will be applied
  • Seminars in the field of project management and preparation of interested parties for project manager certification
  • Implementation of  Oracle Primavera solution
  • Workshops for employees on working with the Oracle Primavera system
  • Planning, monitoring and control of the ongoing projects/procurement during the realization phase
  • Application of the adopted model to all projects/procurements of the client

Implementation of the above mentioned solution creates conditions for efficient:

  • Making of investment plans and programmes
  • Making of multi-year and annual business plans (budgets)
  • Development of budget amendments

… and reduces or entirely eliminates difficulties that arise because of:

  • Disadvantages of the usual planning processes based on accounting principles which focus on financial planning of annual budgets and control of execution according to budget items
  • Inefficiencies of the budget allocation due to complicated process of budget amendment adoption
  • Weak connection between annual financial plans and multi-year investments
  • Lack of basic knowledge in the field of project programmes management and job portfolios