IT and business – how to work together?

Projects in the financial sector regularly involve a strong engagement of the ITC sector and the implementation therefore starts in that sector as mentioned on the previous page. However, the drivers of projects come mainly from the business part of the organization and the key prerequisite for a successful solution implementation is balance between the two sides.

Process of project management solution implementation:

  • Analysis of the maturity of project management application and the functioning/organization of the PMO
  • Solution implementation in the ITC sector/department
  • Definition of the information system (Oracle Primavera) and selection of project management methodology
  • Inclusion of the business side into the project management processes parallelly or in phases
  • All key project participants are educated in the field of project management and trained to work with the Oracle Primavera software solutions
  • The solution is ultimately implemented on the corporate level with all funcionalities of portfolio, project and resources management