Particularity of the ICT sector – resourcing – demand for and task assigments of IT personel on projects

ICT sector projects are mainly development projects and plans therefore contain a high level of uncertainty, i.e. risk. The key resource here are people and here we apply the solution that assigns resources to projects in the best way with a system of individual work orders in place. There is regularly a need for integration with other IT business systems.

Managing the portfolio and a well-set-up Project Management Office (PMO) are key prerequisites for a successful solution implementation for project management on corporate level.

Process of implementing solutions for project management includes:

  • Definition of needs for individual components of Oracle Primavera information system and analysis of the existing project management methodology
  • Selection of sector/department where project management solutions will first be implemented
  • Seminars on project management for employees of the selected sector/department with the possibility of certification
  • Training of employees on how to use the Oracle Primavera information system
  • Making of the Oracle Primavera model with adjusted methodology
  • Planning, monitoring and control of projects
  • Daily/weekly update of work hours per resource for project activities
  • Application of the adopted model to all project organizations
  • Application of project portfolio management
  • Organizational and technical support for the Project Management Office