Oracle Primavera solutions

Are used today to manage projects worth over 5.000 billion USD in construction industry only.

Industries such as construction, energy and military industry, shipbuilding and other manufacturing activities are where financially most demanding and technically most complex investment, development and manufacturing projects are implemented. They are characterized by complex plans with great number of activities and participants where the problem of communication and amount of technical documentation are an important factor. These projects are often parts of programmes, which implies the implementation of programme management processes as well.

Whether it is about individual complex projects or big organization systems, PrimaPI methodology based on Oracle Primavera solutions ensures universal management of business processes according to project management principles.

Apart from the project management systems due to big number of participants and comprehensive documentation and collaboration, a system of contract documentation management is also implemented.


The implementation itself includes:

  • Education in the field of project management with optional certification for project team members
  • Definition of project management models
  • Selection of project/projects for implementation
  • Training of employees on application of Oracle Primavera information system
  • Project planning according to model of choice in Oracle Primavera
  • Monitoring and control of projects during their realization on weekly/monthly basis
  • Periodic programme evaluation and re-balancing of programme and projects budget (up to monthly level)
  • Closing of project and record of positive/negative experiences

In big organizations the implementation also includes:

  • Implementation into organization in phases starting from the selected representative part of activities
  • Provision of methodology of project, programme and portfolio management according to client’s needs
  • Application of the selected model to the overall project portfolio of the organization